Fred Sagester II
Founder, President

Fred Sagester was a software developer consulting for Fortune 500 companies when a friend asked if he would install the computer system in his new dental office. 14 years later, Fred now leads a dental technology company regarded as one of the Midwest’s most talented and respected.

A native of Batesville, IN, Fred holds a B.S. degree in computer science from Franklin College of Indiana.  After graduation, he worked 15 years for various technology consulting firms, specializing in writing database management systems.

Fred’s significant experience in dental technology and computer integration has led him to be noted as one of the foremost system designers and troubleshooters in the field.  He has exceptional knowledge in virtually all of the leading practice management software packages and digital radiography systems.  A number of manufacturers, suppliers and even some competitors consult Fred on some of their most challenging technology issues.

Under Fred’s leadership, Sagester Associates Group, Inc. now supports dental offices in five states and maintains bases of operation in Columbus and Indianapolis, IN, and Louisville and Lexington, KY.

For 10 years, Fred led mission trips to Poland to conduct Christian basketball camps for hundreds of participants each year.  After years of swearing off tennis, a sport he played in college, Fred now spends his free time teaching his oldest son, Zachary, the finer points of a forehand.  He also enjoys taxiing his daughter, Madeline, to her many dance teams and classes and still somehow finds time to mentor his youngest son, Maxwell, who is in training to be a future class clown.

Tami Sagester
Director of Marketing and Admin

Tami Sagester joined SAG in May of 2015. Tami’s goal oriented and driven work ethic reinforce her commitment to SAG’s 100% customer satisfaction design.

Prior to joining SAG, Tami worked for a local dentist where she learned the operations and management of a dental office.

Before that, Tami held various positions in purchasing, medical billing, and systems implementation for several Indiana companies including Columbus Regional Hospital, Net Forge, Psychiatric Associates, Midwest Eye Institute and Midwest Fertility Specialists.

Outside of Office Management, Tami has devoted her time to empowering the next generation of leaders by teaching children to explore their gifts and build a positive self-image through the art of dance. Tami founded a dance studio, Dance by Design, in 2005 and continues to own and operate this small business of over 15 years.

Tami is the wife of Fred Sagester and a proud mother of three amazing adult children and son-in-law, and two crazy lovable dogs. Outside the office you may find Tami camping, traveling, or in scuba gear with her husband and family!

Mychelle Dwenger
Marketing Associate

Mychelle graduated with Honors from the Miller College of Business at Ball State University with a B.S. in Marketing and a minor in Advertising in 2003.

Prior to joining Sagester Associates Group in August of 2016, Mychelle worked for D.R. Taylor & Associates, a local marketing firm, handling all of the marketing for many clients in the healthcare field.

Mychelle is the mother of 2 great kids, Briana and Landon. Briana is a competitive dancer that loves hip hop, jazz, lyrical and ballet. Landon is a beast on the football field and the basketball court. He was chosen to play center as a rookie on the local All-Star team and plays basketball for his elementary school.

Outside of work, Mychelle rarely has free time but when she does she loves music, sports, anything outdoors when the weather is nice, watching movies or curling up with a good book. She also loves to travel.

Ross Decker
Director of Operations

Born in Nixa, Missouri a few hours southwest of St. Louis. Ross has lived most of his life Lexington, Kentucky.

He has been technically focused in his education and career for 10 years, starting with programming in high school, and moving on to the engineering program at the University of Kentucky before deciding to join the Marine Corp in 2009. While in the Marines Ross was designated as a communications operator, and eventually transitioned to Data Systems and Networking specialties. Once in the Data field he excelled quickly, and at the rank of Sergeant managed a team of Marines, as section Chief, through stateside and deployed operations for more than three years.

In the spring of 2014 he joined the Sagester team as a technician, and a few months later applied for a management level position, where he has been serving now for over a year.

When not intensely focused on technology and its ever changing landscape, Ross is an avid fitness enthusiast, amateur hiker, and loves to travel (He has been to 16 countries in the past 10 years). He also enjoys golf when weather and time permit, spends most of his Sundays watching NFL football, and of course he never misses a UK basketball game!

Luis Gallegos
Remote Service Technician

Luis was born in the Central Valley area of California, and lived there most of his life. Before joining the Marine Corps at a young age, he was an avid track and field athlete, with a particular interest in cross country racing.

Luis joined the United States Marine Corps at 17 with a signed release from his parents, and headed off to see the world. His experiences were much like the posters you may have seen from in the movies. He was attached to a Marine Expeditionary Unit and deployed in a Naval Battlegroup, landing in more than 8 countries in the last 5 years. Luis learned much of what he knows about communications in the military. He was designated a COMM Marine, and later given a Specialty Occupation relating the Data systems. In this new field he learned Satellite operations, networking systems, Windows Enterprise environments and machine hardware repair.

When Luis is not focused on Dental technology, he is an avid aerospace enthusiast and hopes to get his pilots license in the next two years. He also has a new German Shepherd pup that he enjoys training.

Adam Essex
Service Technician

Born in 1981, Adam has been immersed in technology since data communication was a consumer reality. He was raised in Indiana, and has a solid knowledge of the state and its communities. As a child he suffered from severe physical disabilities, however, he chose to rise above the negative in his life to become the man he is today.

In Adam’s professional career, he has worked for AT&T, Verizon, IBM, Phillips Magnavox, Comcast and Bright house. It is his personal goal to see that in the Dental IT field, installation and long term managed services are seamless. His previous experience has given him the necessary tools to drive toward that goal. With Sagester Associates Group and you, the possibilities are endless.

In Adam’s personal life, he works with an immersive entertainment company to bring people into the role of their favorite story line characters. He makes props and costuming, write stories and build dreams. He also dabbles in robotics and filmography. Adam likes to cook and make cocktails and he loves hosting and sharing experiences. He tends to be an inclusive person at first but if you ever see him out feel free to say “hi”.

Gabriel De La Fuente
Remote Service Technician

Gabriel was born in 1989, in the city of Weslaco, Texas. He moved back and forth from Michigan as his parents were migrant workers for most of his life. After graduating High School in 2007 he joined the Marine Corps and served out of Camp Pendleton, Ca. As a Network Specialist he learned the ins and outs of data networking, hardware repair, and real world applications of network security systems. After serving for 5 years attached to multiple data system and communications units, he earned an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps as a Sergeant of Marines. He then continued working with technology, specializing in client relations with companies like T-Mobile and Dish Network.

When he is not working Gabriel spends his time with his family or you can find him fine tuning his welding skills.

Dustin Lively
Service Technician

Although Dustin currently calls Kentucky home this has not always been the case. Dustin was born and raised in the coastal region of North Carolina. There he spent most of his younger years growing up on a military base, Fort Bragg, and spending every chance he had at the beach.  His family has a strong Military background including his aunt, his uncle, one cousin, both grandfathers, both great grandfathers, and even his youngest sister have all served.

Dustin came to SAG after having spent more than 10 years in the United States Army where he served as a Communications specialist, and most recently as a top instructor for a world-wide technical training company teaching several CompTIA courses as well as CCNA.  In the Army is where Dustin found his love of traveling, exploring, and experiencing as much as the world has to offer.  He lived in Korea for 2 years and if you ask, he can tell you hours of great stories!  During his time in service he had the fortune of going on two separate deployments, one to Iraq, and one to Afghanistan.  He will tell you that one of the best parts of traveling is getting to experience all the different styles of food!

In his free time, he enjoys being at home with his wife and their new baby along with their 2 dogs.  He loves cooking and having family over for game nights as often as possible.  As a hobby you can often find Dustin taking on repurposing house hold items for new use, and working on refinishing old wood furniture.

In Adam’s personal life, he works with an immersive entertainment company to bring people into the role of their favorite story line characters. He makes props and costuming, write stories and build dreams. He also dabbles in robotics and filmography. Adam likes to cook and make cocktails and he loves hosting and sharing experiences. He tends to be an inclusive person at first but if you ever see him out feel free to say “hi”.

Samantha Hardy
Administrative Assistant

Sam was born in Cincinnati Ohio but now lives in Lexington Kentucky. Having moved a lot, it was hard for her to feel “at home” in most of the places she has lived, but Lexington truly does feel like home. Before joining Sagester Associates Group she worked as a pastry chef and bakery manager. Although it may seem surprising that a pastry chef would now work for an IT company, Sam uses skills learned from being a pastry chef daily at her position of Assistant to the COO. Outside of work Sam enjoys a wide range of hobbies such as knitting, spinning yarn, reading, and playing video games. On the weekends she likes to really cut loose and challenge her husband to a board game or two with her two cats close at hand ready to walk on the pieces and make the game a draw.

Bridget Lively
Administrative Assistant

Bridget Lively was born in the Pacific Northwest to a military family and, after many years of traveling across the US, she established roots in Louisville, KY.

Bridget is bi-lingual and enjoys utilizing this skill for the betterment of serving her community in and outside of work. Bridget has always had an interest in the IT field and brings her enthusiasm and positivity to Sagester Associates Group as an Administrative Assistant.

When Bridget is not in the office, you can find her spending her time with her family and enjoying the many outings Louisville has to offer.