Sagester Associates Group Is Very Reliable…

The biggest benefit we have with Sagester Associates Group support is how fast you all respond to our issues. Quick response and quick solutions makes our office run smoother.  We also like knowing that our system is protected.

Sagester Associates Group is very reliable. When we have a problem, we send an email and we get a quick response within minutes. Ross and Luis are the best techs we have ever had. They are very knowledgeable and can fix any problems that come up. Our front desk says they are easy to talk with over the phone and can give instructions that they understand without talking over their heads with computer stuff.

Sagester IT keeps us protected from the "bad guys", viruses, etc. It’s nice to know when updates are needed, they get done immediately and work correctly.

The firm has knowledge about Dentrix, which makes it easier to talk with them. The biggest advantage is being able to remote into our computers and fix the problems right then, instead of waiting for an IT guy to come to the office.

Dr. Jimmy Hill Lexington, Kentucky
Sagester Is Always Prompt With Their Replies And Service… 

Sagester’s support provides me with peace of mind knowing that any issue that comes up, they are only a phone call away.

Sagester is always prompt with their replies and service.  I also very much appreciate the on-site customer care.  I always feel more comfortable having a technician in the office when issues arise rather than attempting to fix everything remotely.

Sagester is a locally owned and operated company and you can immediately tell the difference.  They are personal, easily accessible, and knowledgeable.

Dr. Katie Nichols Carmel, IN
Carmel Pediatric Dentistry
I Really Like All Of The Things Sagester Associates Group Works On Behind The Scenes, Like Security, And HIPAA...

I feel a lot more secure knowing that Sagester Associates Group is routinely working in the background. It makes us feel as though they (and us) are constantly changing with the times, and keeping us protected, even though we don’t understand the specifics.

Sagester Associates Group communicates…For example, we receive an email every morning that lets us know the backup was done correctly. Obviously, they would see if it didn’t, but it is comforting to see things like that for ourselves. We don’t speak the “IT Language”, but their techs listen, and understand what our problems are without us having to be so technical.

The response is quick. There is no 24-48 hour wait for help. Sagester understands things from the dental standpoint. So, it is very specific to what we do. They will send someone onsite if need be. I really like all of the things Sagester’s support works on behind the scenes, like security and HIPAA, to keep up protected. Those things are constantly changing, and they make sure we are secure and compliant.

I can recommend Sagester because they are all inclusive and take care of hardware and software. The software part is key, because when we have an issue, we never get into a situation where there is finger pointing between the software guys and the hardware guys. There have been many times in the past when they have called the software company and worked out the issue, without me having to try and pass info back and forth. This is invaluable in my opinion and a great timesaver for me.

I like it that Sagester Associates Group doesn’t charge per incident. There may be months I pay for, where I never have to call in, but when I need someone, Sagester is there and I don’t have to worry about how much it is costing me, even when it may take hours to resolve.

Dr. Mike Adkins Jasper, IN
I Could Not Believe How Efficiently They Installed and Networked Our Computer And Digital Equipment.

I have been a client of Sagester Associates Group for several years. They are very reliable and skilled with their services. I relocated my dental office a few years ago and greatly expanded my digital and computer technology. I could not believe how efficiently they installed and networked our computer and digital equipment.  In a fully computerized office, it is great to know the Sagester Associates Group is there when I need them!

Dr. Kim Nichols Lexington, Kentucky
I Do Not Stick With A Company Or A Person For Over A Decade That I Am Not Happy With… I Am A Dentist; If It Is Not Perfect, It Better Be Very Close.

There is a peace of mind that I do not need to worry about computer issues because Sagester Associates Group is on it. I have had a few times when Sagester has contacted me and said that the server was down. Before Total Care I would go in to the office and the server would be down, I would have to spend 15-20 minutes getting my network back up.  Now it’s taken care of it either before I go in to work, or I can plan for it in the AM and not be stressed about “walking into it”. I know the backup is taken care of and I do not worry about that. I know if I have an issue, no matter how large or how small, I can call/email and someone is on it quickly.

I started with Sagester Associates Group in 2005 when I set up my practice and have stayed with them the entire time. However, the doc I worked for as an associate prior to 2005 did not want to pay for IT so he hired a basic firm that really did not understand the dental software; they were simply “computer guys” not “dental computer network guys” and did not have nearly the quality or knowledge of Sagester. When there is a problem their techs help until the solution is found. Even if it is a Dentrix thing, they make the calls and talk to the techs there and get all my problems fixed. Sagester never says, “That’s not our issue, you need to call Dentrix”. That is greatly appreciated. I also appreciate that their techs keep me informed of everything. If they do not have the answer right away, they let me know that and explain what is complicating the situation and how they are going to find the answer. Then there is always a follow up to let me know what was found and what the solution is. There is usually a follow up after a solution has been implemented to make sure everything was taken care of. That is appreciated as well.

I think most offices have issues such as lack of dental knowledge, “not my problem, you need to talk to …”, lack of quick response (if my network or computer is down I am pretty crippled, I can’t “wait in line” for my turn and have a possible solution in a day; I need it now), dealing with the attitude that they know everything yet keep going in circles while a solution is not found, and lack of communication. As I stated, I do not experience any of these frustrations with Sagester Associates Group. I do not stick with a company or a person for over a decade that I am not happy with… I am a dentist; if it is not perfect, it better be very close. Needless to say Sagester Associates Group has made my “over a decade club”.

Dr. Jon Erickson Danville, IN
Danville Family Dentistry
Sagester Associates Group Is Very Quick To Respond.

Sagester Associates Group is very quick to respond. The team is kind and do not come across as annoyed when asked questions. They try to please the customer.

Tonya Adams Lexington, KY
Burchart Orthodontics
Choosing Sagester Is Like Having A Private IT Department On Staff Without The HR Headache Of Adding Additional Employees.

I appreciate the peace of mind I have been given with Total Care.  I am comforted knowing my staff has the liberty and initiative to call Sagester Associates Group whenever it is needed with an expeditious response.  My staff can call support with a minor concern or problem and still receive courteous service.

I like the knowledge the team at Sagester has. I appreciate the creativity with technology the team provides.  I appreciate the guidance Sagester provides when inquiring about new updated technology and how it can integrate into our current system of operations.

Choose Sagester. It is a small firm that can handle a big client with ease. Choosing Sagester is like having a private IT department on staff without the HR headache of adding additional employees.

Dr. DeLayne Lefevre Yorktown, IN
Yorktown Family Dentistry
In The Dental Field, It Is Nice Knowing That They've Likely Encountered This Problem Before.

Sagester Associates Group’s Total Care support provides proactive monitoring and maintenance of our office computers. When we have an issue, a quick email gets us an immediate response. A big benefit of the Sagester Total Care package gives us an annual assessment of all supported computers. This helps me as owner, stay on top of aging equipment and needed upgrades without any surprises.

Sagester’s response time is great. With our other vendor it would take several days to receive service now urgent needs are addressed immediately. On days when our office isn’t super busy the Sagester tech team works through a "punch list" at a scheduled time which really helps with our schedule.

In the dental field, it is nice knowing that they've likely encountered this problem before.  If they have not, they definitely have the resources to work with software and hardware specific to our field.

Dr. Wendy Humphrey Lexington, KY
Kentucky Dentistry for Kids
Sagester Associates Group’s Only Clients Are Dentists.

Sagester Associates Group’s only clients are dentists. The IT team is available for your specific and untimely situations. The Total Care Clients are a priority for these services. The protection from HIPAA hacks and leaks are the most valuable long term benefits. With the $40,000.00 fine per patient for each HIPAA violation, I feel that this is a must in our world of limitless liabilities.

I have depended on Sagester Associates Group for years on an “as needed” basis. When they offered the Total Care Support, I did not hesitate to sign the contract. If we have any IT issues…. we just call Sagester. They solve most service problems and correct them remotely from headquarters.

Dr. Jim Malooley Indianapolis, IN
Indiana Endodontics Incorporated

Sagester Keeps Us Up and Running, With Very Few Problems.

We purchased our practice management software in December 2004, Sagester Associates Group provided the hardware, installation, and maintenance 24 hrs. a day since we started. We looked back and couldn't believe how long we have been involved with Sagester, 12 years doesn't seem possible.

The most remarkable thing, and we say it with fear and trepidation, is we have been down only one 8-hour day and that was for a scheduled hardware installation. We believe that is pretty amazing. Sagester Associates Group is on call for our office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we always get our problems solved quickly.

If a problem arises Sagester Associates Group is always there to solve it. We of course do everything they recommend and we always do have Sagester do our practice management updates. We have never had a problem with, "It is the hardware, No it's the software problem!?!”  They absolutely work in conjunction with each other.

Sagester keeps us up and running, with very few problems.  Sounds like a marriage made in heaven. We recommend Sagester whole heartedly. They know our practice management and imaging software inside and out.

Dr. David Walters Princeton, IN
Sagester Associates Group Is Prompt And Always Willing To Help.

I believe the single biggest advantage to Total care is not having to worry about my computers.  I feel secure in knowing that our data is backed up. We also don't have to worry about the cost of calling with questions or the installation or repair of our computers.

Sagester Associates Group is prompt and always willing to help. They don't make us feel "stupid" when our questions may be simple. I think that Sagester Associates Group is fair and upfront. They have our best interest at heart and not just money driven.

Drs. James & Gina Saindon Somerset, KY
Saindon & Saindon Family Dentistry
There Is A General Sense That Someone Is Aware Of Our System And They Are Monitoring It So I Don't Have To.

I like the automated reports so that I can see my data backup. There is a general sense that Sagester Associates Group is aware of our system and they are monitoring it so I don't have to. Some previous firms we had used were not as responsive and not a full time dedicated IT firm, more like a part time venture.

How could you do this yourself and how could you stay on top of things? Who should you trust? Then look at the years of experience that Sagester has, especially with dental clients.

Dr. Matthew Martin Fishers, IN
Martin Dentistry
Sagester Associates Group Is Always Prompt To Find A Solution!

We are a very busy, multi-doctor pediatric dentist office that schedules 90+ patients a day.  For years we had numerous, reoccurring problems with our computer network.  Since Sagester Associates Group “tweaked our network system,” our 30+ network stations are running smoothly with minimal problems.

On those rare occasions that we have a problem arise, Sagester Associates Group is prompt to find a solution.  They have been aptly handling all of our “IT” needs as well as our daily back-ups for over 5 years!!!

Drs. J. Stritikus and J. Robbins Dickson, Tennessee
Dickson Pediatric Dentistry
Sagester’s Continued Commitment To The Performance And Safety Of Our System Is Well Worth The Monthly Fees.

Sagester Associates Group sends a report on the status of all our computers which is very helpful from a budgeting standpoint and will certainly keep me informed about planning for updates. I appreciate the daily reports on our offsite backup. It’s important to me to know that we are protected from data loss.

The most important aspect of Total Care is knowing that Sagester Associates Group is always watching and updating our network as needed. It would be impossible for me or our team to be able to stay up to date on safety, security, and day to day performance of our computer system as well as all of our digital equipment. Sagester’s continued commitment to the performance and safety of our system is well worth the monthly fees.

Dr. Mark Gleixner Greenwood, IN
It’s Hard To Find A Company That Truly Cares About Their Clients And Sagester Associates Group Does!!

Sagester Associates Group does such a great job of taking care of our problems in a timely manner.

It is great to have full support at my fingertips and not have to worry if every little thing I call about it going to be charged to us. It is nice to feel like I can call and the techs will fix it and our issues are covered under our service agreement.

Other IT companies in the past I have found some of the Tech’s are not familiar with Dexis or Dentrix or Easy Dental and that is a barrier that is a challenge to overcome. I like the fact that Sagester techs are all familiar with our software.

It’s hard to find a company that truly cares about their clients and Sagester Associates Group does!!!

Dr. Brucken Lafayette, IN
Comfort Dental of Lafayette
We Highly Recommend Sagester Associates Group, Very Friendly And Knowledgeable Staff Of Folks!

Emailing support has a quick response time which is always a good thing. Any techs we talk to are knowledgeable and always helpful; and if we need on-site, Sagester does a great job for us!

I think we get good information – as far as explaining the issues and what is best to correct them. It is always easy to understand when relayed back to us.

We highly recommend Sagester Associates Group, very friendly and knowledgeable staff of folks!

Sara Noland Sellersburg, IN
Designing Smiles, P.S.C.